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We represent homeowners, renters and business owners when the Insurance Company negotiates in Bad Faith when you have suffered a property loss as a result of fire, wind, hail, water or other peril.


We represent you against your insurance agent when they failed to secure the proper amount of insurance for you. The Pousoulides Law Offices have helped homeowners and business owners discover deficiencies in their insurance policies. Whether your agent failed to cover additional property or simply did not provide the appropriate type of coverage, the Pousoulides Law Offices will help you receive compensation for your agent's negligence.


We represent you when you have information of fraud against the government. The False Claims Act permits private individuals to sue their employer on behalf of the United States Government when you have information of your employer defrauding the Government. One example would be Medicare Fraud. If you are a medical coder and you have been instructed by your employer to code and/or bill in a manner which is contrary to Medicare Guidelines, you may have a False Claims Act action against your employer.

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